Time To Draw

This is my first time with a blog, so I'm a little unsure with it atm, but hopefully, I'll do at least a decent job with this. :)
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These are the final page layouts for the comic/manga sample that I’ve created for this project, the pages are arranged in order, so reading them atm would be a bit of a chaotic mess, I’ll upload each individual page later today in order, so it’ll be easier to read over.

 This is a decent outcome for the final piece, however, if I’d gotten motivated earlier in this project, I know I could of done a better job with this comic/manga sample piece, there is a lack of backdrops that things would of looked better with, I’ll need to take on board the need for the backdrop more in later projects.

I’d also like to mention as a side note, that I’m adding the speech bubbles by hand once things are printed off.