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This is my first time with a blog, so I'm a little unsure with it atm, but hopefully, I'll do at least a decent job with this. :)
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I finally have proper clarification and have done everything right, so, that’s a nice bit of worry off my shoulders, though there was defiantly a lack of information about, the talk that was meant to cover this defiantly didn’t give all of the relevant information, I went to it, though it didn’t give anything fully concrete other then the digitally submitting aspect.

And another email has been sent, another email confuses me weather it includes me or not. I’ve corrected something digitally that I noticed, my evaluation being in the wrong section, though it was still submitted on time, so by correcting it, it shouldn’t alter my mark seeing as I did submit it on time.

 Every question I’ve asked so far has been dogged seemingly, the handling of PC3, especially the motion segment has been very bad this year in this course, last year it was made very, very clear what we where to do, this year everything seems hidden behind curtains. I submitted on time digitally like said, though I can get no real word if anything physical is needed, the second handin in this new email is tuesday, due to bank holidays, so if i am meant to handin, I won’t get an email until it’s too late today and I can deal with it then. I’m going to have to argue anything regarding receiving a reduced mark, seeing as I’ve been a sing questions regarding this without receiving appropriate answers for about a week.

I’ve trraded a few emails with a tutor on the course and have come to a point where she’s not responded now, I’m going to take this as a sign that I don’t need to go in to sign anything away or hand in physically (as I’ve stressed asking and she’s ignored answering), I’ve been told that the digital handin on blackboard is the main receipt for this, I asked again to clarify hat I didn’t need to go in, thats not been properly clarified, so at this point, anything that occur’s that could demean my mark will be on her head, I wanted to make an official note here of this.

Seems there may be a possibility of a mistake on my part regarding the handin, in which case it’ll cost me a few points if one has been made. I handed in early digitally like requested though I haven’t physically signed anything, I’ve enquired about this after talking with a few friends, just waiting on word back now.

 I did hand in before the deadline, though assumed there was no need to go in to sign anything seeing as there had been no mention of it, nor any mention to it’s location in emails I’d been receiving, I was only aware of the handin being ‘digital’ and nothing more.

 I’ll be waiting to hear back now to see if I’ve just been un-informed regarding this.

show more begarous research, there is a large amount already on this computer alone, so start uploading and annotating a large range of covers to show this better.

Concentrate on poster designs rather then the cover designs

use current covers as possible physical props

disk design

write up story synopsis

explore ways to display work


Focus now what I do best, creating images

I do find it somewhat odd that there is no physical handin for the motion segment of pro con3, that it’s all digital, this is at least as far as I’ve seen/heard, I’ve had no emails/notifications telling me to hand anything in, in person. 

 I thought it was worth leaving a note on here just in case it turns out that there was something I was meant to hand in, the digital submission wasn’t large enough to hand in the video files it requested, so i just gave everything in links where appropriate, hopefully it’ll suffice, we’ll see in time, things are just so in the air, especially with motion, since standard lessons ended.

Just to be sure I cover all base’s, in the first year I was tasked with creating 3 review’s, it was unsure weather I should or shouldn’t for the second year and the 3rd year has gone without mentioning them at all, so I’m going to link to several review video’s I’ve produced over the past few months.

 All of these review’s where scripted by my upon discussion with my friend Nick, then spoon aloud by both myself and Nick to give some variation in delivery. 

Memory Lane Game Review: Castlevania Symphony Of The Night


Memory Lane Game Review: Sonic The Hedgehog


Memory Lane Game Review: Smash TV


Memory Lane Game Review: Castlevania Lords Of Shadow


These are a few photo’s of the frames I used within the motion area of pro-con3, as well as their size once stacked on top of one another, over all there are over 200 frames here that where split across 6 animations, though this is a small number, the loops that i used where sufficient to create the animations.