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This is my first time with a blog, so I'm a little unsure with it atm, but hopefully, I'll do at least a decent job with this. :)
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I thought i’d upload my posters to here, to display as a digital copy of them for now.

Some text borrowed from existing games or altered to represent existing games. 

  This project went through 3 main changes, the initial idea being to recreate the covers for the resident evil series, the second stage to create game covers for possible titles for the survival horror video game series, before moving to the final point where I focus on the main cover only as possible from cover/poster material, as well as creating several t-shirts to show a possible use for these designs out of just being in covers, this means that the final outcome would be a series of cover/poster designs for the various ‘spiritual successor’ video games to various existing survival horror games, my final outcome being 11 designs.

 This project had it’s humps and bumps, with me spending a bit more time then I should of designing stores for each of the title’s I created, some of course came out better then others, with me experimenting with a range of different styles on the final out-comes. I’f fairly happy with my final result, though half way through the project I wanted to develop the idea’s further, though didn’t because it’d move too far away from my original idea. 
 The T-shirts where a logical step for the designs, the silent hill one came out rather well, though the other two didn’t come out as well, if I ad more time, I’d try to see what I could do about removing the obvious boundary around the edge, though with my limited experience in t-shirt design, I wasn’t too sure how to go about that.
 I do feel I could of done a better job at this project if given another chance to dive in, though that’s always the case once something has been completed. I’m going to continue to develop these idea’s by myself and see where they can lead, perhaps one of these idea’s may even make it to kick-starter under a different title, provided I can reach the right people to discus these idea’s. 
 For more info during my development, please read through my blog for a variety of notes on various stages of development:
 This year has been a good eye opener for me on various stages I need to improve in.

Resident Evil Survivor 3

 This title is a homage to the first survivor title in the resident evil series. You play as someone with amnesia, waking in a crashed truck in a shopping mall, there has been a virus outbreak that’s run rampant whilst you’ve been unconscious, you know nothing other then you need to survive. As the story goes on, you discover that you are responsible for the virus spill, your mind breaking under you’re own conflicting ideals, causing reality to crumble into insanity.

 Resident Evil Secrets Of The Arklay Mountains

 This will be the earliest game in the Resident Evil franchise to date, it’ll take place at the very dawn of the outbreak. You will play as one of the hikers that goes missing in the arklay mountains, being attacked by non infected dogs when you accidentally wonder too close to something you shouldn’t of, when it seems like you’re going to die, an infected hound dives into the frey and attacks the other dogs, causing you an opportunity to run. You make it to a sewage tunnel that you are able to seal behind you, you delve into long abandoned umbrella production facility’s, finding out what happened to the hound and other infected you meet along the way, finding out what caused the outbreak to begin with… 

 Resident Evil Child In Racoon City

 In this title, you play as a 13 year old girl in Racoon city at the early to mid stages of the outbreak. You’re parents went missing when they went to get food several days prior, you task it upon yourself to find them. You are nearly defenceless, having to rely on hiding and running to get by, if a single one of the infected gets ahold of you, you’re powerless to stop it. Can you find Ashleys parents? Can you even survive by yourself?

 Along In the Dark Lost Love

 You play as Edward Carnby, called on a job to the small town of Marlow Hill, people have been disappearing in the night, some without a trace, others showing signs of animal attack, yet nothing other then marks have been found, you must go there, fid out what is happening to the residents there, find out what the real cause of the disappearance’s is and ow you can stop it… You’re only lead is a voice, that carries over the breeze in the night…

 Alone In The Dark Enchroaching Darkness

 2015, the world has become more lit up then any other period in it’s history, and yet, the shadows are growing darker, ever day passing, causing them to grow deeper, figure’s made entirely of darkness has been seen leaping about, dragging people down, tearing them apart, what are they? What is causing the shadows to grow deeper? 

 Silent Hill Tome Of The Damned

 You play as Brad Thompson, a man who’s past has been dark, yet he is a man who’s tried to redeem himself ever since those dark days, when traveling through the countryside, he’s pulled into silent hill when simply stopping for gas. Lucky for him, the town isn’t able to get its hold on him like it normally would, his life of redemption stopping it, because of this, he’s able to find something that no-other has been able to, the Tome Of The Damned. The page’s of this contain names, images of people who’ve been draw to the town in the past, holding power in the town, upon touching, they are consumed by fire, destroying the page, weakening the town. As the final page burns, Brad falls, crashing onto metal sheeting, snakelike metal growing from the ground, imprisoning him, impaling him, the town didn’t grow weaker, the page’s where destroyed, unsealing the souls on the pages, building the towns power, with Brad being the final sacrifice, the towns influence spreads past the town, into the world.

The poster design for this contains the insignia for the tome of the damned, an altered version of the religious symbol used by the cultists in silent hill, the very ones of sealed the book from the towns reach.

 Silent Hill Consequence

 This picks up where ‘Tome Of The Damned’ left off, the towns influence seeping into the world, you play as Catharine, someone who becomes trapped in the towns influence when it reach’s new york city, you must escape the horrors that the taint is creating, escape and find the source and put an end to the spread, put an end to the taints power source, you must travel to silent hill, though can you stay sane for long enough to reach there? Can you survive what the nightmare spawns?

 Slender We’re Here

 This is another instalment in the slender game series, placed in a desolate woods you must roam around and find 20 sheets of paper, these sheets tell a story of someone else who was once trapped within the forest, like yourself, though your not alone in the forest… there are others, more then one pale skinned creates walks the forest this night…

Dead Space The Tainted

 The story for this pre-dates the first dead space title, a planet cracker drags an astroid from deep space back to a colonised world, within this asteroid is a deactivated research station, where a pro to marker was developed, untilatly the experiment failed and the marker broke, the siloet being on the poster/game cover. Though the taint the marker cause’s isn’t like the necromorphs from the other titles, this is far more primitive, driving people insane, yet keeping their humanity… most of the time… You are a space dock worker, sent to the ship to find out why they’re not responding to hails… you find out when its too late, as the ship enters the colonys orbit, dragging the taint behind it.

 The Suffering The First Victims

 You are Jamie Lanbrook, a convicted murder, sentenced to Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate Island on a life sentence. You’re taken with server others when you enter, and are placed in a special wing. You’re stay there goes as smoothly as any transition to a prison can, but, you start to notice people disappearing, you hear of rumours of where they’re taken, then one night, you’re taken. You wake in an operating room, hearing people talking, your sight feels blared and off centre, you panic, thrashing about against you’re restraints, then black out. You wake up in a bathroom that’s half destroyed, look into the mirror and see a cavity where your eye was, you turn to leave, waling out into a wooded area… before hearing the scrape of metal behind you…

 Clock Tower The FInal Hour

 The dream opens with you falling, everything is dark, the only feature other then the glitter of glass you can make out is the slight profile of a person from where you would of fallen, a tattoo being the only noticeable trait, before you hit the ground, you wake up. You play as Maria Valantine, you’re a student at yates boarding school, the game plays around you’re daily life one one half, on the other half, you play in different time periods, always trying to escape a figure that you remember from the dream. You discover by chance that you’re able to move through time, though have no control over it, flickering to several points on the boarding school grounds history, from before its founding, to the present day, the first time you travel back, you see another person killed by the figure you remember from the dream. 

 You cannot fight, you can only run and hide, this game is about using you’re wits to get around obstacles and get back home… and hopefully… avoid you’re own dead…

Looking at the shirts, if I was to do more, I would need to experiment with the negative space around the main bulk of the image, as well as discus how to better blend the image to the shirt. Of course, I could simply work with the existing outline/main image and just use that for some, such as they eye, however I do feel the eye makes that one whole. The slender one would need to have a few of the slender men removed from the sides as well as have something to cover up the lower area where the legs would extend.

 A few of the other designs would of worked fairly nicely as shirts in my option, though money becomes a problem due to an oversight by a friend with delivery times. 

 I need to print each of these out now as posters, I’ll do several dummy ones on standard A3 paper to see how they come out, then see what I can do about better quality pint outs. 

The black shirt ones didn’t come out brilliantly, in hindsight I should of seen what I could do with replacing the dark area’s with blank space, the white shirt came out quite nicely though. 

 All 3 are tribute games to existing series of video games, each with basic realised plots in how they fit into their respective universe. 

I finally have proper clarification and have done everything right, so, that’s a nice bit of worry off my shoulders, though there was defiantly a lack of information about, the talk that was meant to cover this defiantly didn’t give all of the relevant information, I went to it, though it didn’t give anything fully concrete other then the digitally submitting aspect.